Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some frequently asked questions.

If you still have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Galleries & Images


Ordering and Payments

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Galleries & Images


Q: How long after a show or private shoot are images uploaded to the site?

A: Post processing on images can take a bit of time, especially when there are lots of images to go through after an event. Proofs that are published online for viewing have all had basic adjustments applied.

Depending on my workload in may take anything up to a week to prepare images from an event for viewing.

Private sessions are available within a week of the session


Q: Why can't I see my private session in the galleries menu?

A: When you have a private session you will provided with a code to enter in the client access area of the site, these galleries are not accessible from the main galleries menu to protect your privacy, I understand that sometimes you want to keep those special moments all to yourself until you have the perfect moment to unveil them to your friends.


Q: I have forgotten my client access code! What do I go?

A: Simply contact me and I will re send the code to you.


Q: Can I share my private gallery with others?

A: Absolutely, just copy the link and you can share the gallery with friends.


Q: Why do you display "proofs"?

A: Proofs are a quick way of getting the images to you. They are not processed to a finished state because it would take infinitely more time to process images and get them too you. There is also no point spending all that time making fine adjustments to images  you don't pick, so by putting up a basically adjusted proof I can get the images to you quickly to view and spend time working on just the ones you want.


Q: What is colour correction?

A: Cameras are very good these days, but depending on the conditions they can have trouble displaying the colours accurately. All cameras make assumptions about the scene they are metering and often they get it wrong, so during processing we correct these issues using a calibrated monitor to ensure true to life accuracy.


Q: What gear do you use and does it matter?

A: It is often said that the camera doesn't make the photographer which is true, but quality equipment will help get the best possible images. I use high end Canon camera bodies and professional lenses to get the best possible images under any lighting conditions.


Q: Isn't there more to it than just a good camera?

A: Definitely  Delivering accurate quality images doesn't end at the camera though. I use quality IPS technology monitors calibrated with a hardware colorimeter to make sure your images display accurate colour when reproduced. I also use professional software from Adobe, namely Lightroom and Photoshop. Coupled with high end computer equipment your images get the benefit from fast and accurate post processing.





Q: What do you mean by editing?

A: Editing photos these days in this digital world is similar to developing your film. All photos that come out of the camera need some sort of adjustments to be made to look their best, sometime these are very minor, some require more work. It depends on how the image was shot and the conditions it was shot under. I want your photos and their subjects to look their best so each images is edited before delivery.


Q: Can you crop me out of the photo?

A: Most images are cropped to suit the subject to finish with the most ascetically pleasing image. The crop can be adjusted very simply as per your requirements and we can even publish options in your private gallery to help you decide.


Q: Can you 'photoshop' my image?

A: All images need some sort of adjustments which could range from basic white balance, brightness and contrast to more involved adjustments like tone curves, clarity, hue, or saturation adjustments. This is part of the normal photo processing that every photo is subjected to.


Q: Can you remove stuff from a photo?

A: Yes I can perform basic removal of distracting items in a photograph. For instance removing leaves from the ground or a lead from a dog that is distracting.


Q: What about more advanced edits?

A: I can carry out more advanced edits to images like removal of an entire background. Complex editing takes time so an extra cost may be involved. Simply ask what we can do with a particular image and we can discuss the options. I draw the line at modifying the subject though so don't ask me to give your dog a better top-line, because I won't do it.



Ordering and Payments


Q: How do I order?

A: Simply add the photos you wish to purchase to your cart and your payment details and the order will be sent to me to action.


Q: Do I need an account?

A: You don't need an account to purchase photos from a gallery, however having one will enable you to save favourite photos for quick reference later, save your cart, recall order history and checkout faster in the future. It costs nothing and is very quick to set up.


Q: How do I pay for my photos?

A: When you have decided on the photos you would like to purchase you can proceed to the checkout on my website where payment can be made by paypal or credit card for your convenience.


Q: Are there any fees for paying by credit card?

A: No. I pay for and use the Zenfolio service which provides credit card and paypal processing as part of my site fees, therefore I absorb any fees.


Q: What if I don't want to use paypal?

A: I know that some people don't always trust the internet for payment no matter how secure, if required I am happy to accept cheque and direct deposit.

Contact me directly if you require one of these alternate payment methods to arrange.


Q: When can I get my digital file download?

A: All orders (digital and print) are sent to me for approval prior to being released. This gives me a chance to make any final edits to the photo prior to releasing it for download. This process should take no more than a week and I endeavour to get them all done as soon as possible after the order.



Delivery of digital files


Q: When can I download my photos?

A: Orders are delivered to my desktop for final editing and approval. Once a photo is approved you will receive details of how to download your photos from a download page, this should be within one week of ordering.


Q: Are there any limitations on downloads?

A: The Zenfolio service limits downloads to within 30 days of approval, however if you ever have the need, I can replace any photos for you. All photos are archived in at least two locations and never deleted.


Q: Why can't you just email us the photos?

A: I can email images on request but it is best not too. Full resolution jpg images are quite large and often clog up email servers.





Q: Do you offer printed images?

A: Yes, I use a professional lab through the Zenfolio site. I offer two types of paper finishes.


Kodak Professional Portra Endura paper (aka Traditional E-Surface paper) is the most popular choice. This paper has slightly textured Matte finish.

Accurate colour, realistic saturation, excellent neutral skin-tone reproduction, and brighter colours are just a few of the attributes that describe it. The standard print life is 100 years in home display, and 200 years in dark storage.



If you have never seen a Metallic print, you owe it to yourself to try this paper.

Endura Metallic paper offers natural looking skin-tones, sharp details and beautifully saturated colours. It is strong and resistant to tearing or curling without any additional lamination. This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers that results in striking three-dimensional images on an ultra-bright background. This paper is truly impressive.

Simply place your order, upon final editing and approval of your order it is sent direct to that lab. The lab the print, package and deliver your prints directly to you.


Q: Can I get my images printed myself?

A: You sure can. I do recommend that you use a quality commercial photo printer for best results. Department store prints often do not accurately resemble the photo you see on your screen and could leave you disappointed.


Q: How can I make sure my print will be good quality?

A: There are a few things to consider here. Firstly you must use a good quality commercial printer. Ask them for a guarantee to replace any prints you aren't happy with. Make sure you use the high resolution version of the image, and check that the image is the correct size and ratio for the print you want. One trap is that canvas prints require extra space around them for the frame wrap around. The image files are delivered with certain settings embedded so that good printers can reference these to get an accurate print. Our images are delivered in the RGB colour space and have been edited using a quality calibrated monitor.


Q: My chosen printer has specific requirements?

A: Some printers require specify some requirements to best suit their printing equipment. Some for example request AdobeRGB which is a colour space which might suit their particular printer. If you know what they need, just let me know and I'll send you the appropriate file, or alternatively put them in contact with me and I can sort out what they need for you.


Q: What about specific aspect ratios?

A: Depending on what you want to use your image for, you might want a specific aspect ratio. My cameras capture images at a 3:2 ratio (commonly known also as 6x4). Often I will crop images to suit the subject but I do try and use common ratios like 6x4 or 8x12. You may need a specific ratio for a print ad or a frame you have, if so let us know and we can usually provide the image in the aspect ratio you require.


Q: I want a canvas print, is this possible?

A: A good canvas print can look great. There are a couple of extra considerations though, the main one being that you might need to have some extra space around your subject to allow for the frame wrap around. Let me know if this is a requirement as we can often re-crop the photo to suit.





Q: Why does this image have a copyright watermark on it?

A: My "proof" images are often watermarked to provide some protection against my images being used without authorisation. As sad as it is, there are people out there that will take screen grabs and use photos without authorisation. Images that you purchase will have the proof watermark removed.


Q: Do you leave any watermark on your images?

A: I place a small logo in the corner of my work as a way of proudly signing my work.


Q: What can I use the images for?

A: As everyone has different requirements, I prefer to handle this on a case by case basis. Generally I are very open to seeing my work used openly but there are some exceptions. Please discuss with us before doing something out of the ordinary.


Q: Can I post the images on Facebook?

A: Yes you sure can, I love to see my work being enjoyed by many and welcome it. I do ask that you only post the final images after I have released your order for download. Please refrain from posting 'proof' images on facebook as they are not ready for publishing.


Q: Do I need to give a photo credit when using the photo in advertising?

A: I believe that a purchased image is yours to use in advertising or online so I don't have strict requirements on photo credits. I am however very proud of the work I produce and appreciate it when my work is recognised when used in the public arena.

However the logo watermark must remain on the image.

I do understand that at times the logo can get cropped out when creating advertisements, having done this myself when creating ads. In these cases I do require a photo credit to be given in the ad


Q: Why is there is copyright information embedded in the digital file?

A: While I allow use of purchased images for advertising and reproduction for the enjoyment of our clients I do get cranky when people pass my work as their own or use it commercially so I do maintain copyright on my images.


For more information on copyright in Australia visit