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Created 16-Oct-12
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1st Baby Dog - Fantango Playing For Keeps (AI)2nd Baby Dog - Fantango Playing the Game3rd Baby Dog - Bicklewood Cracker Jack1st Minor Dog - Goldstreem Majik Happens2nd Minor Dog - Tweedwater Royal Fusilier3rd Minor Dog - Fernfall Take It To The Limit (AI)1st Puppy Dog - Waikipark The Arch Deacon2nd Puppy Dog - Fernfall Stops The Nation3rd Puppy Dog - Giltedge Class Act1st Junior Dog - Chaleur Fine Print2nd Junior Dog - Dewmist Highway of Hope (Imp SWE)3rd Junior Dog - Inniscroft Pinkerly Adagio For Allubyc IID (Imp NZ)4th Junior Dog - Haydengold Glory Days (AI)